Monday, August 16, 2010

Crank the Shield Training aug 16 2010

Getting close ! Almost a month till the CTS 2010, any questions please email or post a comment

This week really try to incorporate your gadgets and gear ... Sooner you test it the sooner you will be used to it and the sooner you can fix any problems!


Get in a good 30min warmup

Go to same hill as last Time

5x 3-5min hill intervals
Aim to start and finish at the same spot every time. Try and get farther than you did last time

2)Complete 1.5 hours at endurance pace- below 75% MHR

Then complete:
2x15 min at 78%-83% of Max heart rate
Easy 5min spin between
If you can do this offroad even better
End with 15min easy spinning

3) race an endurance event ( 3-5 hrs would be best ) ... If no events organize your own point to point to meet family .
- pace it as first 1/3 of ride under 75 percent, 1/3 under 80 percent and last third as you feel.

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